Saturday, July 20, 2013

happiestⓣⓔⓝmonth ≫

My sweet Knightley Mei turned 10 months this day. Can't believe. It truly freaks me out... 9weeks she will be oneyearold! Epp!
Any ways - any ways.... We had a fun in the sun kind of day! Best! Pretty sure we have way toooo much fun.
Everyday there's a new trick or fun adventure that Knightley figures out, the joy in her eyes when it happens is all I need in my life. She truly is a sweet girl, loves to play, she has a MILLION faces,

loves to be chased and to chase, loves to get ticketed, loves a full out conversation about anything (smart little one, always been so aware of what's happenin)
loves loves to be a story teller of dreamzzzz (as soon as she wakes she tellin) truly loves her daddy (the look in her eyes when they are together L O V E)
she really has a love for life and that energy just flys off her and is sooo contagious by all who are in her presence. She 100% love Tangled, & Jake and the Neverland Pirates is a close 98%.
If she needs or wants your attentions she make sure she gets it in theee cutest most polite way. She slowly turns her head sideways and stares you in your eyes with her piercing baby blues. THEBEST.
She finally learned that its ok to sleep through the night,and that she's not going to miss out on anything (she is always worried she might) She loves mouths. Loves to touch them, feel everything from your lips to your teeth to your tung. If she's nervous that the first thing she grabs on me my bottom lip, yes it's her security blanket.
She likes to clasp my hand, fingers in fingers, melts my heart. She's a babe and I am soooo very grateful that she chose me to be her momma. I'm the luckiest.

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